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APOCRYPHA has the meaning of apocrypha.

It is derived from the Latin word απόκρυφοσ (hidden) .
It is necessary to know the apocrypha that supports the trend and main culture in fashion as the canon, and to unravel the canon in the true sense when talking about it.
We value the cultural background and historical context, and put a modern sensibility on the really good things and essential things that are lost every day, and we want to convey it to as many people as possible.



Weaving various contexts through clothes with a unique view of the world.

A brand is a collection that creates a world that customers long for as a fantasy, draws them into a dreamlike world, and lets them experience it, and develops a collection with various elements as one story every season. It attracts viewers with a movie-like, novel-like, deep world view, and the wearer can experience as if he were the main character. The special experience is handed down to people.

We are conscious of providing higher standards than the market demands in all design, modeling and promotion, and we want to bring out really good and backed products, and convey not only satisfaction but also more excitement. The brand was born from the desire to attract people and propose new cultures and scenes that have never existed before.


After graduating from REIJI HARIMOTO Fashion College, joined Yohji Yamamoto Co., Ltd. Gained experience in the atelier as a men's patterner at the atelier Y-3. In 2014, he launched the women's wear brand "REIJI HARIMOTO" and developed a collection that incorporates the technology and knowledge of men's tailors into women's wear. At the same time, he is in charge of many costume productions such as working on MV costumes for dramas and artists. After suspending REIJI HARIMOTO activities, worked as an art direction for underwear and cosmetics brands. Started "APOCRYPHA.TOKYO" from the Spring / Summer 2020 collection.